By Judy Lee Jenkins


I just finished writing this post when my computer froze and I lost everything I wrote and so here I go again rewritng this entire message!!

These past few days have been very frustrating and yesterday was especially not one of my best days. It began with me getting up early to make my husband’s breakfast. He has some serious health issues and so I make him one of those super duper nutritional shakes every morning with protein powder, blueberries, spirilina, vitamins yogurt, etc. I go to open my cupboards to get the necessary ingredients when I discover the ants are back!! We had them sprayed a few weeks ago and I thought the issue was settled but there they were again marching around carrying off whatever they thought delighted them!! So I grab my weapon the vaccuum cleaner and suck those little pesky creatures up again eliminating the majority of them. Then I continue on with the things on my list to do.

I go outside to do my watering. The irrigation water has been turned off for some time due to the shortage of water in our reservoirs. So I fill up my watering can from the outside hose from our well water( which has so little pressure) and go back and forth watering the plants in my flower beds. This takes awhile, more than I would like but necessary if I want to save my plants and the hose can’t reach all the places, Good exercise though!! As I am doing this, I discover that my 5 cats ( mother had 4 kittens) are laying in my flower beds, smashing them down and once again using them for their sand box!! The night before I cleaned them out and put in animal repelent but it didn’t seem to work!! Now I have become attached to those little kittens and Mom but this is a real pet peeve!! So I tell them to skat!!

I also notice that the weeds have really taken over my flower beds and I decide to just pull a few but once I get started pulling weeds, I can’t seem to stop until they are all gone!! By this time the sun has come out and I have become very hot and sweaty!! So I decide I’d better stop and go in and shower. Then I remember my dentitst appointment is that morning!! Holy smokes, I’d better get in the shower quick!!

However, I stop and check my emails first and discover that my sister has just written on fb that our mother is very ill with an infected sore throat and may have to be hospitalized and that Tina (my sister’s daughter) who helps cares for mom has just contracted wes nile virus and has a horrible rash!! That upsets me greatly so I decide I better make a phone call to my sister when I discover a text from Monica who works on the ranch for us.

Monica tells me that the racoon killed more of our chickens again last night and it appeared on her porch and when she went after it with a pitchfork, it bit her badly and that she’d have to go to the emergency center quickly.

So now I am real upset with all the things I’m reading and just as I’m about to use the phone, it rings and it’s my husband telling me that he just learned that Idaho Power has some work to do on a our transformer and will have to shut off the power for ahwile in just a few minutes!!

Then I realize, the hot sweaty me will have to forsake my shower because there will be no water without the power. And before I can even begin to get ready it goes off and I have to make that appointment! And this is going to be the day I get the drill and get to come home with a crooked mouth!! Oh Joy, don’t you just love days like this?!!”

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