My Gradual Acceptance of the Wonders of Technology

By Judy Lee Jenkins,

“HOW I GOT ON FACEBOOK”, I have a sweet sister named Cheri and a niece, her daughter named Christina Hawkins. It was all their doing. I had no plans at all to have my own Facebook page. Then one day I got a call from Cheri and she said, guess what sis? We just put you on Facebook with a picture of you!! What I said? What picture? Gee I hope it isn’t awful!! Cheri then said, well, I think you’ll like it!! So I looked it up and sure enough there I was with this present picture now. It’s not the most flattering picture, kinda like a mug shot.

I would like to update the picture and put something else up there but these days all my pictures are beginning to look like mug shots!! I want the camera to lie!! And as much as I hate to admit it, I haven’t learned yet how to load in pictures. For a long time I wanted nothing to do with computers!! They totally intimidated me!! Why would I want to learn about a machine that had a built in brain smarter than humans?!! I stayed away from them as long as I could!! Then one day I realized that computers were becoming as common as microwaves, TV’s, radios and telephones and I could no longer avoid them. I couldn’t even make a telephone order without the company asking me for my email address. I would reply my what?? I had no idea what an email address was!!

I also noticed that radio commercials were always giving out their websites at something. I knew then I could no longer avoid knowing nothing about computers!! In 2007 I got my first computer, a laptop. Was I excited? Actually frustration was the word to describe me!! I found out at the time of purchase that the newest model was already outdated because technology was moving so fast!! I spent the entire morning just trying to bring up my email box!! It was like playing one of those board games and being sent back to the beginning all over again. Now I know why Elvis was known for shooting his TV!! I did it to my computer mentally many times!! Then I found out that my computer needed to be speed-ed up.

After that things started to come together for me. I began to fall in love with this thing they call a computer!! I couldn’t wait to open my email box and see what was in it!! It was kinda like Christmas and seeing what was under the tree. Then I discovered I had a library and could research any subject I wished and print out the material with my attached printer!! I began to wonder how I ever lived before without this marvelous machine!! But I never planned to have my own Facebook page. I didn’t really care. And then the phone call came from my sister that she had put me on Facebook. I have since discovered I can find pictures of all of you posted as my friends and find out about what you are doing. It is so marvelous!!

I just wanted you all to know how this came about. I still have much to learn though about this thing called a computer and all the wondrous things it can do!!”

© Copyright 2013 , All rights Reserved. Written For: Judy Lee's Music | Wonderful Heart Warming Music
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