By Judy Lee Jenkins

This morning I was listening to Christian radio and the speaker was discussing the marvelous little creature we call our honey bees. He talked about how they work so hard right until they drop dead to produce the benefits we receive from them. Of course, we all appreciate the sweet taste of honey and its nutritional value. But there is much more than just the honey. They are also responsible for the food on our table by the miracle of cross pollination. But the tradegy is that the honey bees are vanishing and why? That was what the speaker began to investigate.

He mentioned that the honey bees for some reason can’t find their way back to the hive like they used to. Was this due to cell phones and new vibrations in the air caused by our expanding technology? Does that he questioned, confuse the bees in getting back to their hives? The other thing he pondered was that bees seem to be having their immune system weakened in some way by something maybe poison of some kind. Whatever, he said the honey bees are no longer able to do the job they used to and we are losing about 30% of our food supply because of it!

Lately there have been other things posted on facebook also about the disappearance of our honey bees. It is indeed disturbing to realize we are losing something so valuable to us. As a side story, we have some friends who are in the honey business and produce REAL honey. One night over dinner I was shocked to learn from them that not all honey is REAL. There is FAKE honey in the grocery stores. They said that it may be just a little honey mixed with other things like corn syrup etc. I may be wrong but that is what I think they said. I was troubled to believe that this could be true but they reassured me their honey was the REAL thing and came from bees and not something concocted by man. Doesn’t that deception make you angry? I can’t remember which honey they said was REAL in the grocery stores but I do remember that they said theirs was REAL and gave us 4 jars as a gift and it’s so good!!

We certainly live in days of much deception and have to be on guard all the time. Also in this new age of expanding technology and FAKE food (gmo’s) we are losing I think what God created and intended for our health. This is just my opinion but it seems that something is going awry with all of this new scientific technology and experiments that we are trifling with. However, my husband just reminded me that we are living much longer than we used to so my assumptions could be incorrect. At this point in time I still need to investigate all of this and find out real answers for myself.”

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