Why We All Need Music in Our Lives

By Judy Lee Jenkins,

“It seems we are living in perilous times!! Not a day goes by when we don’t hear of a tragedy somewhere, whether it is a shooting, hurricane, or earthquake. I sometimes wish I could go back to the days when life was simpler and not so overwhelming with so much evil going on.

Yet modern technology makes our lives so much easier and better. I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to live without computers and cell phones. Whenever, I feel depressed about these events, I turn to my love of music. I used to be involved in storytelling to children and out of that grew my hobby of writing songs for children. I wanted to always have a song to go with the story. At first I would try to find a song in the library but when I couldn’t, I would write my own. Whenever I would share a story or song with the children, I would often think of the late Sheri Lewis.

She was my mentor. I loved the way she sang to the children and used Lambchops to do so. She was terrific!! During that time I was involved with the REACH OUT READ program as a volunteer to encourage children to love to read. I went to schools, hospitals, and homeless shelters. I learned a lot from those kids!! Kids truly say the darn-est things!! I grew to love so many of them!!

Now I write music for my own enjoyment. It frees me from the stress I feel all around me with these events. I have two nieces, my sister, Cheri’s daughters who have beautiful voices!! Christina Hawkins is one and Jaime Olsen is the other. They both have the voices of angels!! They are so gifted and I love to hear them sing. They sing for many occasions and have won many singing contests. I am so proud to have them for my nieces!!

I love most any kind of music but especially that beautiful music that calms my soul and soothes my spirit. The world would be so empty without music. It is indeed the international language that all understand. It can touch us all so deeply and brings out our emotions. The next time you walk in a grocery store, pay attention to the music. The next time you watch a movie, no doubt you notice the music. The movie would be boring without it.

Indeed we all need music in our lives!! With that note, I will now go to my piano and play my favorite melodies!!”

© Copyright 2013 , All rights Reserved. Written For: Judy Lee's Music | Wonderful Heart Warming Music
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    Oh Judy, you are so insightful, and really know the insight to the human emotion.

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