By Judy Lee Jenkins

It is hard for me to post cute little sayings or beautiful pictures right now when an earthquake of events are going on around us. I can’t ignore the obvious of what is happening right now in our nation with all the scandals within our government. I would rather ignore all of this and continue with cute pictures of babies and animals. They are far more pleasant to think about!

However, with the current events of the corruption found within our government combined with what I heard recently on Christian radio really perks up my ears and brings great concern. I’ve had this concern for a very long time but things keep getting more and more worrisome. There is an old saying that I’m sure we all have heard. It goes something like this: “Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it.” But do we really pay attention to the mistakes that have already happened years ago?!! It doesn’t appear that we do at all!

About a week ago I was listening to Christian radio and a guest speaker was being interviewed on the program. I don’t recall what program it was but the message has since lingered in my mind. The woman being interviewed told her story. She said that she had grown up in Austria during the time Adolf Hitler was rising to power and was just a young girl of 12 years at the time. She then began to describe the events leading up to the time previous to Hitler seizing total power over Germany. She said it was time of depression for Austria. People were without jobs, food was scarce and people were very hungry. People would often knock on doors and ask for a bowl of soup and a slice of bread.

But when Hitler appeared on the scene, he appeared to be some kind of Savior!!. Germany seemed to be doing much better than Austria and Hitler was giving out free stuff and food and appeared to be helping his countrymen. People were getting jobs and Hitler had great charisma and was a great spokesman and orator. He often appeared in pictures with little children and looked like a wonderful leader. Many of the people in Austria also wanted Hitler for their great leader. But there was the others who could see through all this. Most unfortunate for them!! We know what happened, don’t we?

Then Hitler’s true nature began to surface!! She said it took him only 5 years to rise to full dictatorship. During that time Hitler had already took over the auto industry,
the media, the educational system, (turning children against their parents) and the health care system. Children were instructed to report their parents to the government if they were in opposition. Hitler also stopped all Christian radio programs and took away all guns. Without guns, it made it more convenient for the round up of those they disliked to be loaded on the cattle cars of the trains. Before the government health care control they had private insurance care that was much better she said. Now the government had complete knowledge of everything about them.

She described Hitler as a monster and tyrant and rightly so because we all know what happened, don’t we or do we? I myself was only a young girl when I remember looking at LIFE magazine with an article in it called, THE INSANE WORLD OF ADOLF HITLER. Within the pages of that article I remember seeing horrible pictures of countless naked dead bodies, decaying, disfigured heaped up in piles and piles on top of each other. I had to quickly close the magazine because the horror of what I saw terrified me and made me physically ill!! That image will always be there and now those pictures of the holocaust resurface every now and then on the internet and I still gasp again in horror!! I remember thinking that such a thing could only happen in a country where people had no love for God or their fellowman. I remember thinking then how thankful I was to live in America, a country who who honored God and had a Constitution that protected the people and gave them the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” How thankful I was as even a young girl that we were different and not like that!!

At the close of the interview this lady from Austria gave us a warning. At that moment the chills of what she said went down my spine. She said that what she saw happening at the rise of Hitler, she now sees happening in our country. Her family escaped here to get away from tyranny but she now sees tyranny on the rise within our own government. This woman has experienced this and experience should speak very loudly to us but does it? Do we really think we are immune to the same terror that other countries have experienced under horrible dictatorships? I think that if our Constitution no longer matters to us anymore and “outdated” as some have said, then our protection is over!! I believe with all my heart and soul that our Constitution was a wonderful gift from God by our founders who loved and honored HIM. Our founders cared about their posterity. Do we care about ours?

Today things have changed. The constitution is proclaimed by many to be obsolete and outdated. Voices today are talking about transformation of America. My question is transformation to what? I think I already know and I am fearful. That path has already been taken numerous times. It’s nothing new and the outcome always results in tyranny and pictures of heaps of dead bodies piled on top of each other. Do we pay attention to history or our we bound to repeat it?”

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