Judy Lee’s Mama Killdeer Video

Since Mother’s Day will soon be here, I wanted to repost a song I wrote two years ago in the early spring about a Mama Killdeer bird. I ran across her accidentally while working in my flower beds and the entire story in written in my song. I observed her from the very beginning when she sat on her nest until the end when her little ones hatched.

Who would ever think that her little ones would actually come out on Mother’s Day but they did!! I remember how special that event was when she paraded her little chicks under my window!! How cute they were, like cotton balls on long tooth picks!! That event added much anticipation and joy to my life, so much that I made it into a song. Here is a reposting of that event.


© Copyright 2016 , All rights Reserved. Written For: Judy Lee's Music | Wonderful Heart Warming Music
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  1. admin says:

    I just love the observations, the creativity and then wonderful naturalistic expressions of this beautiful song

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