By Judy Lee Jenkins


My sister, Cheri is the animal lover in our family. I have never seen any animal respond to anyone like they do my sister. She can hypnotize a chicken and put it into a trance, and cats and dogs follow her every where she goes.

Since Cheri’s neighbors know she loves animals so much, they always drop off their cats on her doorstep. She has such a big heart, she never can turn one away. They all fall in love with her too and she wonders, how she can take care of so many. She eventually has to take some to the animal shelter just so she won’t be accused of hoarding animals. However, she always feels sad to do have to do so.

I could never understand her love for cats until I got 5 of my own. I never planned this at all. We live on a ranch and have had mice problems in the past. One day my husband, Darol saw a stray gray cat wandering around near our house. He bought a bag of cat food and told me to feed it so it would stick around and chase away the mice. Ok I said.

The poor cat was so skinny and mangy that I felt sorry for it and started leaving some dry cat food around for it. At first the cat wouldn’t even get close to me but would wait until I was gone before she would eat. She was so pathetic looking that I felt sorry for her. Her fur was shabby and she was so skinny, poor thing!!

However, as time went on, she began to fatten up, her fur began to get thicker and glossier and she didn’t run away anymore when she saw me. We got to be good friends. Then I discovered she really was getting fat and low and behold gave birth to 4 little kittens to join our ranch.

Kittens are always adorable but then they grow up to be cats. I didn’t want to but I began to get real attached to these 4 little furry kittens all gray like their mother yet different in characteristics and personalities. Before I knew it, I was naming each of them by their looks and certain traits. There are 3 males and one female. I named the males, TOBY, TYLER, and BILLY BOB because BILLY BOB is a bob tail. I named the female, TINA because she is so much smaller than her brothers.

I never wanted 5 cats at all!! However, if you were to ask me which one I could give away, I’d have to say that I can’t part with any of them. They all show me affection and do the funniest things. I bought them some cat toys and love to watch them pounce and play with their toys and sometimes even their mama (Gracie) joins in the play.

I realize that 5 cats is a lot and I know I’ve got to take hold of this situation before I get anymore which is very likely. Yet my heart has been touched by just observing their behavior. They sometimes act human just in the things they do. I realize they have feelings just like people in many ways. They play games with each other, show each other concern and care and always come running to me when I open the door. And when they see me they all turn on their motors!! Cheri, now I understand why you love animals so much!! But I don’t need any more!!



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